RJT Studios was formed in December 2007 by two ardent globe-trotting photographers who eventually became husband and wife. We call Malaysia home and live in its main capital city, Kuala Lumpur but we will travel the country and the world to cover any wedding or engagement.

EKML VISUALS and E+M Studios was formed after focusing on weddings and engagement sessions to focus more on commercial and film work. Our work currently is primarily video and commercial photography but we still do the occasional prewedding (engagement session) and actual day weddings. Our commercial work spans from shipping and industrial to retail, real-estate and manufacturing. Some of the clients we’ve worked for include iCar, Nissan, IJM Land, Gamuda Berhad, Century Battery Malaysia, SIA Flexitanks Ltd, MIDA, ICEX, Metrojaya, and more.

Between us, we have over 25-years of photography experience in addition to our staff of photographers and audio engineers. Eugene is also conducts photography workshops and classes.

We also have a crew of audio and recording specialists for audio and sound work as well as motion graphics.

EKML|VISUALS & RJT Studios is a proud member of the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI)

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