Janet + Julian Wedding

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On a pretty hot Saturday afternoon, Janet and Julian had a simple ceremony at St. Thomas More Church in USJ Subang Jaya. The day was really simply all about them. With a mix of Chinese tradition which is the bridal pickup and some games and quizzes that I was told started in Hong Kong, the couple headed off to church together in their own car. Nothing fancy but then again, pure love doesn’t need fancy trappings.

The short and sweet ceremony attended by family, relatives and close friends again was simple, direct and unadorned. It was a celebration of a man and woman, joined together in the presence of God and family/friends. Being a Catholic church, shooting is a little more subdued because there are more rules. I’ve been told of countless photographers who flout the rules under the excuse that the couple paid them big money to shoot their wedding. Yes, we always aim to get all the shots possible but being disrespectful is not one of them. Discreet yes, but when there are places and times you can’t go or shoot, just don’t.

The church of St Thomas More is quite a lovely place to shoot. Next time, I’ll ask if I can place a couple of lights but for an afternoon wedding with plenty of daylight streaming in, it wasn’t too difficult except for the occasional fill and once when the clouds rolled in for a brief period and shutter speeds struggled.

Their Celebration dinner next…