Royal Visit to Hospis Malaysia

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The day Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on their Asia tour in Celebration of the Queen’s diamond Jubilee arrived in Malaysia. As a regular volunteer with Hospis Malaysia, I got into the thick of things and once the huge mural and souvenir booklet was done it was time to prepare for their visit.

I must say that while I’ve taken photos of ministers of parliament before, nothing compares to shooting royalty. And they aren’t your typical royalty either. As part of the commonwealth of nations, Malaysian’s still have the Queen as a symbolic figurehead to some extent. Both their Royal highnesses themselves have also a global appeal so it makes it all the more special.

Being in their presence was initially rather intimidating. We normally don’t do these shoot and it does remind you of the differences between commoner and nobility, in a good way of course. The most striking thing that we both took away from this experience was their simplicity, humility and grace. No need more trappings or anything else but they themselves are the very epitome of royalness if there was such a word.

The couple were also amazing when they sat down among the patients (these are terminally ill patients at Hospis by the way) to spend some time chatting. Warm, caring and unpretentious. While most patients immediately tried to stand up, they would wave them down and join them at their side and talk with undivided attention. I’m sure the patients were thrilled.

Some fun words from the future King of England? How about “Let him take our picture, he’s got a good camera.” and “That’s a nice lens.” I didn’t know Prince William was also into photography!

An interesting day indeed.